A Closer Look at VITA 46 and VITA 67 Standards

October 26, 2023


In the ever-evolving world of RF engineering, adherence to standards is paramount to ensure interoperability, reliability, and innovation. Two critical standards that continue to shape the landscape are VITA 46 and VITA 67, with Amphenol at the forefront, offering cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of these standards.


VITA 46 Standards: A Brief Overview

VITA 46, also known as VPX (VITA 46.0), is a widely recognized standard for high-performance, rugged, and modular open-architecture embedded computing systems. This standard defines the mechanical and electrical characteristics of VPX modules, and it has become the go-to choice for applications demanding high-speed data processing and robust construction.


Diving into VITA 67

Within the VITA framework, VITA 67 is the standard that governs RF connectors and modules. It plays a crucial role in enabling high-speed RF communication within VPX systems. SV Microwave, a leader in RF connectivity solutions, has been instrumental in advancing the VITA 67 standard.



VITA 67 standards


vita 67 connector

vita 67 rf connectorvita 67.3

vita 67.1

SV Microwave's SMPM and SMPS VITA 67.3 Product Lines: Setting the Bar High

SV Microwave's SMPM and SMPS product lines are excellent examples of how the company has pushed the envelope in VITA 67 standards. SV’s newest VITA product lines are designed to support VITA 67.3, the standard that defines RF connectors for use in VPX systems. VITA 67.3 focuses on the use of high-density connectors and coaxial cables for RF and microwave interconnects, a critical need in many VPX applications.


SV Microwave's SMPM and SMPS connectors are engineered for high-frequency, high-performance applications, making them an excellent choice for VPX systems requiring RF connections. They offer a range of features:


The SMPS connectors are compact and well-suited for high-density applications, while the SMPM connectors provide a robust solution for larger and more demanding setups.

High Performance

Both product lines are designed to deliver outstanding electrical performance, ensuring minimal signal loss and maximum signal integrity.

Robust Construction

SV Microwave connectors are built to withstand harsh environments, making them ideal for military, aerospace, and ruggedized applications.


What's Next for VITA 67.3?

As VITA 67.3 continues to evolve, we can expect further miniaturization and performance enhancements. The demand for higher data rates and increased frequency ranges will drive innovation in connector technology. SV Microwave is well-positioned to lead these advancements and provide even more high-density, high-performance solutions soon.


VITA 66.5: A Glimpse into the Future of RF Engineering


VITA 66.5


VITA 66.5 product line



VITA 66.5 standards

Future of RF Engineering


In addition to its groundbreaking work in VITA 67.3, SV Microwave has engineered a groundbreaking hybrid RF/Fiber VITA 66.5 product line that is aligned with the latest technical standards set forth by SOSA (Sensor Open Systems Architecture). Expect to see the VITA 66.5 standard used to pave the way for seamless integration of RF and data transfer like in video feeds. A common application for this product line would be drones that transmit 8K video feeds to a handheld device. SV offers several different VITA 66.5 Backplane and Plug-in Modules.


VITA 46 and VITA 67 Standards

SOSA board


VITA 66.5 Backplane and Plug-in Modules

vita 66.5 standard boards

SMPM and SMPS VITA 67.3 product lines

vita standards



In the ever-changing landscape of RF engineering, adherence to standards is crucial. VITA 46 and VITA 67, with their continuously evolving standards, are at the forefront of this field. SV Microwave, with its innovative SMPM and SMPS VITA 67.3 product lines, is pushing the boundaries of what's possible, providing high-performance solutions that meet the demands of modern RF systems. As the industry looks forward, the evolution of these standards, as well as the emergence of hybrid solutions like VITA 66.5, will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of RF engineering.

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