The Unique Properties of Reflow Stable PCB Connectors

September 28, 2023

SV Microwave has recently released a new product line of Reflow Stable PCB Connectors that have been designed to help maintain a PCB connector’s physical integrity as it goes through reflow.

Reflow is a process common to RF engineers who routinely work with printed circuit boards. It is the process whereby PCBs are placed in an oven and heated beyond the melting temperature of the solder used to fix the PCB connector onto the board.



PCB connectors that use PTFE as the dielectric may not survive reflow. This means that the heat in the oven can cause the polymer in the dielectric to expand and push the connector off of the board. This can cause delays and costly rework.

properties of reflow stable pcb connectors


Example of a connector with a PTFE dielectric that has expanded during reflow. The expanded dielectric is pushing the connector off of the board.



SV Microwave’s reflow stable product line uses high-temperature glass or epoxy seals as the dielectric. These materials keep the internal geometries of a PCB connector intact during reflow. In fact, PCB connectors with a glass dielectric are rated to withstand temperatures upwards of 500 degrees Celsius, and those with an epoxy dielectric to 255 degrees Celsius. This means that the dielectric will not expand, and the connector will both remain affixed to the PCB board and operate normally. Use the parametric search on SV’s website to easily find these connectors. Under “Style” select between either Epoxy or Glass to see the variety of Reflow Stable Connectors SV offers. Currently, these are single-port SMP, SMPM and SMPS connectors in both Full Detent and Smooth Bore, though there are plans to create various 4- and 8-port versions as well.

SV has the ability to create, test and rate Reflow Stable PCB Connectors in-house. Because of this, our lead time for both COTS and custom products is significantly lower than that of our competition. To learn more about the various types of Reflow Stable Products we can create, email

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